As an ecclesiastical faculty Satya Nilayam sets the following as its primary objectives:

  • to provide opportunities for specialization in philosophy and culture in the Indian context;
  • to give to the students a basic orientation which will enable them as priests, religious and laity to meet the spiritual and secular problems facing the country.

To this end the faculty will:

  • draw its inspiration from the lived experience of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the perennial wisdom of the Church and from the cultural and philosophical heritage of the country, so that the students may acquire a solid and coherent understanding of the world, of human, and of God;
  • endeavor to integrate the authentic values and insights of India’s religious experience and intellectual traditions into the Christian experience, and thus make a creative contribution to the universal Church, especially in the area of fruitful dialogue with other faiths;
  • promote and encourage reflection on the philosophical, cultural and socio-political movements in India by offering relevant courses with the help of experts in these fields, by making available all-important publications, and by writing.