The ecclesiastical faculty is open in principle to all students, clerical, religious and lay, both male and female, who are duly qualified.

  • The minimum qualification required for admission to the B.Ph. is a university degree or its equivalent.
  • Students who have completed successfully the first cycle course may be admitted to the second cycle under the following conditions:
    • Students who have completed the first cycle from the Faculty must have an average of at least 60% marks as overall performance. Exceptions to this ruling may be granted only by a special committee appointed by the Academic Council.
    • A student who has completed the first cycle from any other faculty recognized by the Holy See, with an average of 60% marks, or its equivalent, may be admitted without an entrance examination. In all other cases, an entrance examination will be required, unless the special committee mentioned above dispenses with it on the ground of the student’s previous academic work.
    • The Faculty may recognize a three-year seminary course or its equivalent, to be determined by the Academic Council, as sufficient to enable a student to begin the second cycle, provided the student has obtained an average of 60% marks (or its equivalent) as his overall performance in the Seminary studies. This recognition is subject to an entrance examination or other equivalent tests.
  • A student who has obtained first class or at least a high second-class degree in the second cycle or its equivalent can register for the third cycle (doctoral research).